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Fifteen-year-old Maddie's life has been hijacked by the many alcoholics in her world, despite the numerous self-help books she devours. After her older sister’s humiliating turn as the drunk bride, Maddie becomes determined to stop "enabling" and start "living". But as she begins a quest for self-understanding, things take an unexpected turn when near-tragedy strikes.


"Hannah Goodman has created a darling heroine, Maddie, in My Sister's Wedding. Maddie struggles with propping up her drunken sister, fending off her drunken boyfriend, keeping her parents' delusions intact, and trying to find her place when her two best friends pair off and leave her out. Maddie unravels the tangle with the help of her grandmother, another marvelous character, and finds that the high road of self-sacrifice isn't so noble after all. Ms. Goodman makes us feel the gravitational pull of even the most dysfunctional family, and reminds us to value our own." From a 5 Star review on Amazon, -Author Lyda Phillips 

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