Hannah Goodman has been a fabulous support and resource to my son, Evan, and our family.  Hannah started working with Evan as a Freshman, originally to help him with time management and organizational skills.   Now, a Junior in high school, Evan's grades are excellent and his organizational skills have improved dramatically.  
Hannah has also helped Evan successfully navigate towards college with HS course selection, PSAT/SAT prep, college planning, resume writing and essay writing for summer applications.  
We are constantly grateful for the continued support Hannah provides and look forward to continuing her services with my daughter, a rising sophomore.  
Amy Weinstein 
Barrington, RI

 Hannah -you have  worked with three of my children.  And part of the key was your ability to adapt to their very different personalities and even more specifically  -how you found what motivated each of them. One worked best with logic and consequences (if this then this)! One was a competitive or reverse psychology ( think bet you can't ...  !!) However our youngest was neither of above, always doing well in school but a tad stubborn with asking for help. Enter you who took all three through the SAT and college essay writing process-becaming a Confidant for each of them in this stressful time. By offering a trustful environment all three were allowed to be honest and let open writing come through. No judgement.  Hannah you are such a skilled writer yourself that part was easy to see, but the ability to take someone with thoughts and guide them to write for themselves - absolutely the best feeling as a parent. The writing process is difficult for most parents and a tendency may be to write for their child. This is not taken away when you have hannah help. But rather the windows are open to explore and they write their own thoughts until their voice is heard. Thank you hannah for working with my family! We are forever grateful -Best mj and Trey 

 Hannah tutored my daughter, Avery, throughout her high school career, first in writing, then in the entire college application process. She made a difficult, time-consuming process so much easier by guiding Avery in her college selections and dealing with the dreaded college application essay! What can be an emotional and challenging journey was made infinitely easier with Hannah’s skillful, knowledgeable, and compassionate direction. When Avery decided that she needed a second go-around at the college selection process as a transfer student, Hannah lent her wisdom again. Avery is now flourishing, both academically and socially, at her new college – an institution that she might never have considered had Hannah not pointed her in that direction. Hannah’s ability to know her students, both intellectually and emotionally, makes her a uniquely qualified and valuable asset to both high school students and their parents. We could not have managed without her!

Lisa S. Griffith, The Organized Way, www.organizedway.com
(Parent of Avery Griffith, 2010 graduate of Barrington High School)

I received the piece back for a first revision with an entirely different intro paragraph and I will admit, the choice irritated me.  "Wait 48 hours before you begin a rewrite," Hannah wrote in response to my email proclaiming my resistance. Yeah yeah yeah, I thought. But here I sit 48 hours later, pen in hand, moving her recommendations around like pieces of a puzzle, reworking the content so it makes sense to the strangers potentially reading it. I admit. Her recommendation was exactly right. Once I settled down, I was able to examine my piece through the eyes of a consummate professional who has the wisdom of objectivity innate detail. Hire Hannah because she gets it before you do. 

Alayne White, self- proclaimed "Spa Goddess",  Alayne White Spa.

Hi Hannah!

I felt so good after I left your workshop.  It turned into not even about my writing, but feeling good about where I am, who I am, and being excited about life.  
I can’t thank you enough for filling me with positive energy.  


My novel is done, sort of. I've finished the first ugly draft of the entire book. There are miles of rewriting ahead but I feel like I've laid railroad track from New York to California. Now I need erect a train.

I wanted to let you know that the exercise we did with writing the last scene of the novel was invaluable. My scene is not even the best thing I wrote, but it forced me to keep the big truths about my book in mind. It's reminding me what I want the book to say as I go  into revisions. Writing what's going to be at the end of your story or novel can really help to figure out how you're going to get there. Thanks for the lesson!

 R F Brown

Hannah Goodman's workshop on The College Essay is enlightening, informative, and exploratory. It enables high school students the opportunity to scaffold the process of their potential essay to make it less intimidating and more accessible. Her thought-provoking approach assures the students a chance to brainstorm and reflect. The introspection allows them to narrow a defining topic for their college essay. This Workshop is helpful to any high school student, parent, or English teacher! As an English teacher myself, I found it worthwhile and informational!

Chris Boutin

When writing, I always felt at a loss for words. I think it was because I was used to pushing my feelings down. I want to thank you for opening up the can of worms and helping me find my voice as a writer. The med school admissions committee might reject me based on something else, but definitely not because of the quality of the essays― those could not have turned out any better.

Sophy P. 

Hannah Goodman's writing workshop for women held Sunday was fabulous. For experienced writers, it was a chance to remember why they began writing in the first place - to express their deepest thoughts, feelings, and desires. For those newer to writing, it was a place to express those same things, and realize that you have a story to tell, and to realize if you've come to this workshop, you ARE a writer. Can’t wait for the next one. Schedule one, Hannah! 

Cindy Zelman
The Early Draft blog

I sent the proposal to Gina today. I fiddled and fiddled with the summary until I couldn't stand it another minute, but I think I got it a little "punchier" than before. I asked her to acknowledge receiving it so I wouldn't be wondering. This is what she said, quote, "Got it, read it, LOVED IT." She also said she could see Miss Hannah's fingerprints all over it, and that we make a great team!!!!!!! No changes were suggested. It sounds as if she is impressed with what we came up with.

Once again THANK YOU for helping me with this project. I didn't want to do it at first but you made it much easier.

Best wishes,


Author of Aggie of Raven’s Lair

When I completed the manuscript for my book I knew I had some decisions to make. I wanted my book to be the best it could be. I knew I needed professional help as far as critiquing and editing were concerned. I had narrowed my choice down to a large Internet company and Hannah. If you know Hannah, you know that would be an easy choice.

Ed Langan

Life: An Owner's Manual : How to Create the Life of Your Dreams

Ms. Goodman has been a most helpful reference point for me as I struggle with both the format and content of my first novel. I‘ve had a wide range of people read my novel and try to help me, from published writers and teachers to friends and relatives.

Hannah is one of the two best critics I’ve had. She read my novel with enthusiasm, provided feedback on a timely basis and, although she is a strong-minded and independent thinker, she was able to put herself into the “head” of my lead character, Dolores Morgan. She accepted the truth of Dolores’s experiences and offered suggestions for improvement and exploring new directions in a story that often challenges the preconceptions of many.

I think any aspiring author, would be lucky to have assistance from Hannah. I recommend her with enthusiasm and without reservation.


Patricia Anne Healey

Author of High Heels

Hannah’s keen eye improved my manuscript dramatically. Not only did she help make my dialogue sound much more realistic, but her suggestions helped bring my characters and scenes to life by giving them more dimension. With an impeccable understanding of grammar and punctuation, Hannah also showed me how almost every paragraph could be tightened up to say what I meant to more succinctly and directly. She did all this in an extremely tight time frame and for a reasonable price. Above all else, she was emotionally involved in the project, and that commitment showed in the final product. I recommended her whole-heartedly.

Gregory DiStefano

A Bridge to Providence