The Write Touch

The Write Touch is a small company that offers tutoring and coaching, editing, content writing, and teaching services to private individuals, companies, and students of all ages.

Rates and Availability:

I have helped hundreds of students with all kinds of writing. I am available for online and “live tutoring”. Please contact me for details and rates.


As a former middle and high school English teacher, with sixteen years of teaching and tutoring experience, I help students achieve all of their writing goals and also lessen the anxiety about getting assignments completed on time.

Grades 6-11:

We can prep for standardized tests (SSAT, PSAT, ACT, SAT, or state wide/regional writing exams) or work together to complete a long-term project for school. Research papers with MLA formatting or narrative writing for your English class portfolio—no matter the assignment, we can tackle it together. I will teach you the most efficient and effective way to get the work completed.

High School Seniors:

From writing your college application essay (and all those supplemental essays!) to helping you compose your Senior Project paper, I will guide you through the sometimes challenging process of organizing your thoughts and translating them clearly and accurately on paper.

For College and Graduate Students

Whether you are going back to school after a ten or twenty year hiatus or are a college freshman, if you are in a program that requires a lot of writing, you may feel overwhelmed. I will teach you the best organization, composing, and editing strategies so that the actual writing of your papers will be effortless. Together we will make it to graduation!

Writing Coaching

Writing coaching is a powerful way to improve your writing skills. It’s perfect for anyone, whether you have a specific project with a deadline or you simply love to write and wish to find the time and space to do so. As your coach, I help you discover the writing goals you have, create a plan to achieve those goals, and offer gentle guidance along the way.

Resume Writing

Revamping a resume after fifteen or thirty years of working the same job? Or maybe you just graduated from college and fear that you don’t have enough to put on a resume. Whatever your job (or lack of) situation is, I can make whatever experience you have (or don’t) work for you. Formatting and word choice is the name of the game, and I have a whole grab bag of resources to make you look fantastic (on paper!)

Personal Achievement

Boosting your overall writing confidence is the most important goal for all writers. Whether you have a specific project (book or short story) with a deadline or you simply love to write and wish to find the time and space to do so. I can help you discover the writing goals you have, create a plan to achieve those goals, and offer gentle guidance along the way.

Breaking Through Writer’s Block

Having trouble getting ideas out on paper or screen? No matter if the block is over writing an email to your boss (or best friend) or finishing (or starting) that novel you’ve been writing in your head for years, if you are blocked, none of it can happen and that means your goals can’t be achieved. If you find yourself avoiding writing, then you need to get unblocked. I’ve developed specific exercises that are guaranteed to help bust through the brick wall that we call writer’s block.

Grammar Refresher

Clear writing and a solid grasp of basic grammar is a must no matter your age, schooling level, or profession. No matter the format—texting, tweeting, blogging, emailing, or paper writing—everyone needs to know how to communicate effectively and clearly. While learning grammar can be anxiety producing, I make it pain free and even a little fun.

Editing Services

Manuscript Critique/Analysis

Using the "comment" feature in Microsoft Word, I do a line-by-line critique and feedback of your manuscript.This is my most popular service.A must for all authors interested in submitting to publishers.Email me your document, and I will give you an estimate. After reading your book, I will provide feedback based on this set of questions.


If your manuscript is ready for submission or publication, I will do line edits for grammar and spelling and formatting. I am familiar with the MLA  and APA formats . No project is too big or small, whether newsletters or novels. I'm also a member of the EFA. References available upon request

Consulting For Self-Publishing & Marketing

Tailored to your book’s particular needs. Email me for details.

Web Site Content Editing/Writing

Per hour fee. Tailored to your site's particular needs. Email me for details.

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