Sucker Literary, Vol 2

Sucker Literary: an anthology, volume 3

Continuing to bring the best emerging writers of YA fiction.

Read Hannah's story "A Different Kind of Cute".


Sucker Literary, Vol 2

Sucker Literary: an anthology, volume 2

Volume 2 of the best in emerging voices of YA literature.

Read Hannah's story "Miki and Dex".


Sucker Magazine

Sucker Literary Magazine: volume 1

Sucker Literary Magazine, volume 1. Featuring fresh voices in YA Literature.

Read Hannah's story "Theater Geeks in Love".


Fear of falling

Fear of Falling

What happens when you're sixteen and fresh off the worst year of your life?


My Summer Vacation

My Summer Vacation

A year of broken hearts, torn friendships, and family secrets revealed.


My Sister’s Wedding

True-to-life tale of growing up and letting go.


Lilith Unbound

Lilith Unbound

Lilith Unbound, an anthology of work inspired by the story of Lilith, the first wife of Adam, is available at Popcorn Press.



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A Dart Into The Darkness: Creating a Nurturing Short Story Community Called Sucker Literary Magazine

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